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Twelve (2 Sets of Six)

Twelve (2 Sets of Six). 2018. Drawing and video both 33”x28”. Graphite on cotton paper sewn onto cotton fabric with cotton thread, digital video.

With Twelve (2 Sets of Six) I am investigating the relationship between the scale of a sheet of 11”x14” paper and my body, and how this relates to representing the process of folding. I sewed cotton dresses, each from two long strips of six 11”x14” rectangles. When sewn together, the front and back of each dress forms a different configuration of six rectangles, where they are arranged two across and three up. As each dress is folded, it creates even more different configurations of the rectangles, until it is in its final folded form as an 11”x14” stack. In order to document this process, I sewed six 11”x14” sheets of cotton rag paper onto fabric, replicating the form of a dress. I projected a video of myself folding a dress onto the paper and traced the outline of the dress being folded from every frame. Even though the drawing is not of my body, it holds the presence of my body enacting the process of folding.

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