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clothes drying rack

drying rack 2.jpg
drying rack detail cropped.jpg

clothes drying rack, 2022. cast handmade rag paper, glue, wood armature. 40"x28"x19".

I sourced material for this sculpture from my own, my friends' and my wider local community's cast-off clothes. I cut the clothes into small squares and beat them into paper pulp, which I then pressed into plaster molds to form the pieces of the drying rack, recreating a familiar laundry tool out of clothing material it usually would dry.

I made this work using what I learned from attending the Recording Surfaces papermaking summer workshop with Delaney Smith at Penland School of Craft. I would not have been able to attend the workshop without a Penland Work-Study scholarship and the Daniel Mac Morris award for summer research from the University of Kansas Department of Visual Art.

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